Sick Child

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There are few things more frustrating as a parent to feel helpless when caring for a sick child. It is so hard to see your typically vibrant, bounding child become lethargic and in pain. Many of us at Etowah Pediatrics are also parents, and we very much understand how difficult it is to stay up all night with a sick child and then feel like you have to fight all day to get seen by a doctor. That’s why we have procedures in place to make it simple and quick to ask us questions or get an appointment for your sick child. Worried about something in the middle of the night? Just send us a message though the portal and we will get an answer to you the next day. Need an appointment and don’t want make several calls to a busy signal trying to get someone to answer at the office? Send us a message through the portal, and we will call you back with your appointment time. We also realize the last thing that you want to do is to sit in a waiting room for hours with your sick kid. We strive to keep our wait times low so that we can get you and your family back home to recovery and back to work and school as soon as possible.

Sick Child Topics

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