Well Child

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Well child visits give us an opportunity to build a relationship with your child and your family. Once babies are 18 months old, they begin to come see us once a year for well child visits. Some of these visits will have immunizations or boosters which are so important for keeping your child safe from serious diseases. (Please click here to see our immunization policy if you have questions.) These annual visits help us build a relationship with you and your child to ensure your child is developing into a healthy and happy kid! Often when you are with your children every day, you miss things that develop gradually. Our pediatricians are trained to see and discover subtle things in your child’s appearance, your descriptions of their health history, or lab work that represent problems. In health care, catching problems early is always important but particularly in children, because early intervention can often lead to little or no negative outcomes in the future. In the event that your child does need further or more serious care, it is so important to us that your child knows and trusts our care team, so that we can all work together to get your child back to a happy and healthy state. This trust is why keeping regularly scheduled well visits is so important. In our attempts to be respectful of parents’ time, we like to schedule well visits in the spring and summer when we are not as busy with sick kids. This reduces unnecessary exposure of your well kids as well as keeps you from having to take the day off work to come see us.

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