Picking a Thermometer

Hey guys! So today I’m going to talk to you about picking the right thermometer for your child. Those thermometers are based off of your child’s age, so it’s best to pick the right one for your child by age.

The first one we’re going to talk about is a rectal thermometer. It is best used for infants, especially infants, three months or below, because it takes a core temperature.

The next kind we have is a tympanic thermometer, which is an ear thermometer. It is really good for those wiggling toddlers and young children. It’s quick and it also does a core temperature.

After that, we have the oral thermometer, or the mouth thermometer. It is really good for older-age kids, especially once they learn how to properly position the thermometer in their mouth. It’s best under the tongue with your mouth completely closed.

The last type we have is a temporal thermometer, which is the forehead thermometer. We don’t actually recommend these because they take just a surface temperature rather than a core temperature. Always remember – it is better to have a core temperature than a surface temperature and know if your child is ever sick and you think that they’re running a fever, give us a call at Etowah Pediatrics. We are here to help!

Rectal thermometers are to be used on babies under 3 months, only.

Fever = 100.4* or above

If you have additional concerns, please contact our office for an appointment.