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Hi, it’s Dr. Hester. I wanted to take a minute and make a little video informing you all about the 4 year old vaccine clinic that we have in June every year. We schedule this as a very special event for our 4 year olds. I decided a long time ago that we needed something because I was finding more and more that my patients, even teenagers, had developed this real phobia of going to the doctor. I think it mostly comes down to the fact that they got their shots and they remember them, maybe even when they were 5 years old. We set this up to be a time to make it as nice an experience as it can be for the 4 year olds.

So, the way it’s set up, we close the office from basically everything else and we do visits differently than we do otherwise. The kids will come in, and they’ll get their height and weight at the usual place, and then they’ll get a little toy, a little prize. Then they’ll go into another room and they’ll get their vitals taken, and they’ll get a little prize. They’ll go to another room and get their vision and hearing checked and get a little prize. Then they go to another room and see one of the providers for an exam, and they’ll get a little prize, and then they go down a hall to get their vaccines and right after that, they’ll come out and we have cotton candy and popcorn that we give the kids.

Doing things this way has made it such a good experience overall for kids that I don’t really have patients that have that phobia anymore. I really like the way this works out for the kids. We only can do this for a short time. We set aside two days in June to do it, and I want you to make sure you’re signed up for it.

The other time that we need to do this for is because of forms the kids need to have for school. There’s a special form that documents all the vaccines the kids have had – it’s a blue slip, and we’ve got those so you won’t have to worry about it. We take care of that. If there are any medicines they take on a regular basis, and the school is going to need to know about that, then we’ve got those forms so you’ve got your bases covered. Your kids will need their vaccines updated and they’ll need some forms for school, and we’ve got all that for you.

I really like this experience. It’s fun for the whole office, and we really look forward to it every year. I want you to call or text the office and make sure your kid is on the schedule for June 24 and 25.

Now. let me just take one more second and reassure you. You may be worried it’s not same to come out, but listen: we’ve been open this whole time and we’re pros at this – getting kids in and out in a safe and sterile environment. We have the whole office sterilized in between each patient, and we’re not using our waiting room right now. That’s been a little bit of an adjustment, but that’s fine. That’s manageable. We’ve gotten very good and are very comfortable at it, and I want you to feel reassured there’s nothing to worry about as far as the kids being safe.

We’re going to just ask each family to gird their loins because each kid is going to need 4 vaccines. We also want you to try to schedule it so just one parent comes in with the child. That’s to limit exposure.

Y’all avoid the last minute back to school rush in August and make sure you’re on our schedule, so call or text the office. We look forward to seeing y’all and taking care of your kids’ needs and getting all their forms filled out and you’ll be all set for pre-K and kindergarten. We’re looking forward to it. We’re here to serve. Thank you so much.

We celebrate this milestone with a fun day of dressing up, decorations, treats, cotton candy and popcorn!  Plus, it helps our little ones avoid developing a fear of visiting the doctor.

Well-child visits are an important time for our healthcare providers to gauge your child’s overall health and developmental progress. When a child is well, we can focus on the whole child, not just acute illnesses. Plus, your child will get all the vaccinations they will need to start school.

“When I started practicing, I noticed that some kids, even teenagers, had developed a real phobia about going to the doctor.  I thought it was possibly from remembering getting their vaccines. I wanted to make it as nice of an experience as possible for them, so we started scheduling this as a special event every year for our 4-5 year olds.”  -Dr Hester