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We want to be a part of your baby’s whole life starting with their birth and following them into adulthood. Newborns have special needs and mammas and daddies want to make sure they are getting the very best care from the start. When we care for your baby from the very beginning we are developing a relationship with your child that will guide us to provide the best possible care for them. We will see you and your baby many times over the first year and we want to embark on a partnership with you and your family to make sure baby has the best start. Being a new parent can be as daunting as it is rewarding. We want to make sure you feel supported, prepared and confident in caring for your baby whether you have questions about nursing or feeding baby, care seat safety, baby’s development or even that funny little grunting sound baby is making. Make sure to come see us for all of your well baby visits so that we can have a complete picture of your baby’s health and develop a long lasting relationship with your baby and family so that we can provide your child with the best care throughout their childhood. You can access all of your baby’s well visits on our portal. Log in and take a look at their growth charts, reread notes on the discussion about introducing solids or check out dosing information for your baby’s age!

Pregnancy Appointments

Want to get to know us before your baby arrives? Choosing a pediatrician is an important step in your child’s journey. We want you to feel you have made the right choice by choosing Etowah Pediatrics, so we invite you to schedule an appointment to come see our amazing office and meet our great staff that will be taking care of your baby. We do not charge for these appointments so make a list of questions and give us a call to come discuss how we will partner with you to care for your new baby!

What to do once your baby is born!

How to let us know you have delivered

IMG_7631 (Medium)Local Delivery: Please tell the hospital staff you choose Etowah pediatrics for your newborn’s pediatric care. They will call us with details of the birth. One of our physicians will come to the hospital to meet you and examine the baby within 24hrs.

Out of Town Delivery: Please tell the hospital staff you choose Etowah Pediatrics for your newborn’s pediatrician. They will call us with details of the birth. The hospital’s on-call pediatrician will visit you in the hospital and examine the baby. They will advise you as to when you need to be seen for your first appointment in our office. Please call us when you get home to make that appointment that will typically take place within in 2-7 days after delivery.

Make the Call……. Insurance

Once you are home from the hospital, it is very important that you call your insurance company to tell them the baby has been born.

The insurance company will not pay for any services that the baby receives in the hospital or afterwards if you do not add them to the policy.

You can find the number to call on the back of your insurance card or ask your Medicaid representative for help.

Make the Call…….Baby’s First Appointment

  • Insured patients: Bring your insurance card with you to your first appointment to at Etowah Pediatrics!
  • Medicaid Patients: Bring the letter from Medicaid that shows the baby’s Medicaid number. You would have received this in the mail at home before the baby was born.
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