Newborn Hospital Visits

If you deliver in Etowah County, Etowah Pediatrics’ doctors will get to meet your newborn baby at the hospital. During these hospital visits, the doctor will ensure your newborn baby is healthy by performing several physical examinations, reviewing labs, monitoring the baby’s weight and jaundice level, among other things. The pediatrician will visit you and the baby on average two or three times before you go home. You will also be given instructions as to when to follow up with us and when to bring the baby in for the first newborn visit in our office.

If you deliver outside of the county, you will most likely see the pediatrician on call at that hospital, and they will report to us the details of your delivery and baby’s health status.

Meet & Greets

Regardless of where you will be delivering, we would welcome an opportunity to meet with you prior to your baby’s birth. Contact our office about scheduling a “meet and greet” appointment. These appointments are free of charge. Meet and greet appointments are a great opportunity to meet our providers, learn more about our office and ask questions about our childcare philosophies.

We can’t wait to get to know your baby and be a part of your child’s life.