We want to be a part of your baby’s life starting at birth and following them into adulthood. Newborns have special needs and parents want to know they are getting the very best care. On this page, you will find helpful videos and additional information dedicated to walking new parents through some of the common questions that come up even before baby arrives. For more information on caring for your new baby, visit the “newborn” section of the Etowah Pediatrics’ Mommy Manual, or call our office for an appointment.

Hello, I’m Amber, Referrals Coordinator here at Etowah Pediatrics. So, you’ve decided to start a family. Congratulations! Over the years here at Etowah Pediatrics, we have learned that early planning before you get pregnant pays off in the long run. First of all, contact your insurance company and find out your prenatal and maternity coverage. Head to your OB for a preconception check up. Before conceiving, don’t drink or smoke and cut back on caffeine. Take vitamins and ask your doctor about adding these vitamins to your daily diet. Avoid strenuous exercise. Staying fit with moderate exercise is fine – just don’t overdo it. Aim for a healthy weight. This increases your chance for conceiving and will benefit you and the baby. Use tools to help get you pregnant faster, such as an ovulation predictor kit and a fertility chart. And try to relax. Conception is more successful when you are in a relaxed state. Finally, put yourself first. Babies take up a lot of time, so this is your chance to focus on yourself and your partner. This is an exciting time in your life, so don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Etowah Pediatrics.

Hi, my name is Amber and I’m an LPN here at Etowah Pediatrics. You’re pregnant – congratulations! As you can see, so am I. It’s both exciting and a little scary. So, now what? Here’s a few things that we need to do. Choose a healthcare provider. Take your vitamins. Hopefully you’ve already been taking them when trying to conceive but if not, you can start now. Enroll in a childbirth education class. Many hospitals offer free classes. Start the search for a pediatrician by week 28. You should consider location, if it’s a group or solo practice, and availability on weekends and evening hours. Also, take a tour of your hospital. Seeing the rooms and knowing where to park will help ease your anxieties on the big day. Buy a car seat. By law, you’ll need to prove you’ve installed a car seat that meets safety standards. Pack your hospital bag. Include items to keep you comfy and a change of clothes to go home in, and of course an outfit for the little baby. Start thinking about your birth plan, like who do you want with you, what position you want to push in, and what pain medications you might want. And now, the fun stuff. Go get a prenatal massage. It can relieve your normal discomfort and stress. As your due date approaches, sit back and relax. Find a comfy chair and enjoy the quiet before the exciting storm. As always, feel free to call us here at Etowah Pediatrics. We’ve been helping mommies and their kids since 2006.

Hello, I’m Jennifer at Etowah Pediatrics. We are honored that you have chosen us to be your child provider. We look forward to meeting you and your new baby. Here is a list of a few things to do before and during your first visit. Let the hospital know you have chosen Etowah Pediatrics as your pediatrician. When you’re discharged from the hospital, call us and schedule a newborn follow-up. This is typically two to three days after discharge. Contact your insurance company and let them know the baby has been born. Go online at EtowahPediatrics.com and register your new baby through the patient portal. Print and complete new patient forms from the website. Bring any birth info the hospital sent home with you. Bring someone with you. You will be glad to have the extra hands with all the baby gear, plus an extra set of ears in case you missed something. Make a list of questions and notes for the pediatrician. There’s a lot going on, and it’s very easy to forget to make your next follow-up appointment before leaving. Thanks again for choosing Etowah Pediatrics. We know that you have plenty of choices and are delighted that you have chosen to join our family.

Hi! I’m Shelly, the practice manager here at Etowah Pediatrics. Congratulations – you’ve had your baby! Your postpartum period begins now and it lasts until your body returns to its pre-pregnancy state: usually six to eight weeks. During that time, it’s normal to have changes both emotionally and physically, and it’s really important that you take care of yourself. Here a few tips. Get plenty of rest. Sleep while the baby sleeps. Limit visits for the first few weeks. Get help with household duties. You need to be focused on sleeping and caring for the baby. New mothers need to maintain a healthy diet to promote healing and recovery. You’ve been through a lot! Balanced, nutritious meals are the goal. As a new mother, keep a close watch on your emotional state. It’s common to feel overwhelmed, but don’t let it develop into full-blown depression. Talk to your physicians. They can help you and look for the signs. It’s okay to treat yourself. Plan a little outside time from the baby. Schedule a postnatal massage – it can do wonders for your mood. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you take care of yourself. I’ve had two kids and I know that at Etowah Pediatrics, we’re here to help you, so please reach out to us if you have any questions or any problems, and again, congratulations on your new baby.

Hello, I’m Jennifer at Etowah Pediatrics. Certainly when having a baby, one of the most important issues is insurance. It can also be the most confusing, but don’t worry – we’re here to help you through it. First of all, you need to find an in-network provider in your area that participates in your insurance plan. Ask your insurance company what kind of maternity coverage you have. Are hospital bills covered? What kind of coverage do I have if I deliver prematurely? Is there a deductible I must pay first? What percentage of bills will my plan cover? What is the policy for adding the baby to the plan? How many recovery days are allowed in the hospital? Are additional days allowed if there are complications? Are ultrasounds and other prenatal screenings covered? Is a breast pump covered under my plan? When dealing with your insurance company, don’t be shy about calling and asking questions. Obviously this is very important. Also, don’t be shy about calling us here at Etowah Pediatrics with any questions you may have. We are here to help you during this exciting time.

Pregnancy Meet & Greet Appointments

Want to get to know us before your baby arrives? Choosing a pediatrician is an important step in your child’s journey. We invite you to schedule an appointment to come see our amazing office and meet our caring staff. We do not charge for these appointments, so make a list of questions and call to make a Meet and Greet Appointment at Etowah Pediatrics.

How to let us know you have delivered

  • Local Delivery: Please tell the hospital staff you have chosen Etowah Pediatrics for your newborn’s pediatric care. They will call us with details of the birth. One of our physicians will visit you and your baby in the hospital within the first 24 hours.
  • Out-of-Town Delivery: Please tell the hospital staff you have chosen Etowah Pediatrics for your newborn’s pediatrician. They will call us with details of the birth. The hospital’s on-call pediatrician will visit you in the hospital and examine the baby. They will advise you as to when you need to be seen for your first appointment in our office. Please call us when you get home to make that appointment which will typically take place within in 2-7 days after delivery.

Make the Call……. Insurance

Once you are home from the hospital, it is very important that you call your insurance company to tell them the baby has been born.

The insurance company will not pay for any services that the baby receives in the hospital or afterwards if you do not add them to the policy.

You can find the number to call on the back of your insurance card or ask your Medicaid representative for help.

If your child is an insured patient, bring your insurance card with you to your first appointment at Etowah Pediatrics. If your child is a Medicaid patients, bring the letter from Medicaid that shows the baby’s Medicaid number. You would have received this in the mail at home before the baby was born.