Nose & Mouth

Do not attempt to cleanse the mouth as this might injure the mucous membranes. If there are white patches inside the mouth and tongue it is possible your baby has a yeast infection called thrush. This is quite common in infants. Notify your doctor for further instruction on the treatment of this infection.

Do not try to clean the nose other than to remove any particles of dried mucous at the nostrils.

Stuffy Nose

It is normal for newborns to sound congested. That’s why everyone goes home from the nursery with a blue bulb syringe. They have small nasal passages and when mucous builds up they may have some difficulty breathing through their nose. To help ease this blockage place two drops of saline solution in each nostril, wait a minute and then suction with your bulb syringe.If your baby’s nasal congestion is severe enough to interfere with his ability to feed you should call to schedule an appointment.