Becky Strunk

My approach to Pediatrics is to look at every patient when they come into the office as if they were my own. I enjoy meeting the parents, developing relationships with them, and establishing a plan of care that works for the entire family. On a personal note, I’m the mom of two boys myself and I enjoy running, so I can relate to the busy moms who come into our office.

Etowah Pediatrics is fortunate to have Becky Strunk, CRNP and her wealth of experience as a nurse practitioner and a mother. As a mom to two boys, she can relate to the parents of her patients with first-hand experience. Ms. Strunk is an important part of the team approach at Etowah Pediatrics. Her outgoing and warm personality make her an important part of your care team.

“I love working with kids of all ages,” says Ms. Strunk. “I love their innocent outlook on life, and I love talking with them as you never know what they will say next.”

As an avid runner, she is passionate about working with children to be healthy and active. Becky believes in and wants her patients to understand how important preventive wellness is including exercise, smart food choices, and overall wellness. She carries this passion out in her personal life as well. She works with the local runners’ club to support and organize several charitable fundraising runs in the community, many geared to children. In addition, she trains and runs marathons.

Becky enjoys spending time with her family, especially outdoor activities such as hiking.

Learn More About Becky!

Who are some of the people in your life who inspire you the most and why?

My husband and boys. They support me and encourage me daily. Whenever I set a new goal or say I am going to do something, they are always there for me. 

My mother of course. She has always been there for me. We live 6 hours apart but you would never know this by our relationship. Even though I am a grown adult, I value her opinion more than anyone else. 

My friends. I surround myself with a group of strong, independent ladies.They are goal setters and make things happen. They inspire me daily. 

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

To make every happy, to feel joy in all the little things

What is your perfect weekend day? Describe what you would do and who you would be doing it with!

Camping, hiking, anything in nature. I would be with family and friends. Nature is my happy place. I LOVE a good sunrise or sunset. 

Tell us a childhood story about when you were living your best life!

I grew up going to Norris Lake in Tennessee every weekend. We went as a family and I have so many great memories camping and boating. 

What is your favorite part of your daily job that isn't part of your job description?

Seeing children smile, all the funny stories. Earning the trust of parents. Helping them through the good and difficult days.