Lauren Page

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What is your favorite piece of advice or quote?

Smile even if you feel like crying.

Who are some of the people in your life who inspire you the most and why?

My grandmother and father. They have always been my rock that I can lean on.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?


What is your perfect weekend day? Describe what you would do and who you would be doing it with!

Any perfect weekend would be spent spending time with my husband and two kids.

Tell us a childhood story about when you were living your best life!

I loved spending time at my nana’s house on the water, tubing, jet skiing, or being on the boat with family.

What is your favorite part of your daily job that isn't part of your job description?

Putting a smile on the patients’ faces and watching the patients growl

If I asked for your favorite Etowah Peds memories, what are some memories that come to mind?

Seeing patients from when they’re newborns and watching their personalities grow. Bowling to have team bonding time was an absolute blast.

What is the best part of working at Etowah Pediatrics? What are the culture, people, and work like at Etowah Peds?

It is like being a part of a big family. Watching your coworkers blossom and their families grow. Some days can be a test but at the end of the day, we try to make it the best day possible and keep each other laughing.