There is frequently some protrusion on the genitalia in baby girls in the newborn period and this is perfectly normal. When cleaning the vaginal area always wipe from front to back to avoid contaminating the vagina and urethra (the opening where the urine comes out). If there is a thick whitish substance between the labia, this is normal and needs no special care or cleaning. Occasionally there is some actual bleeding from the vagina. This should not cause alarm as this is normal and due to the disappearance of a hormone from the baby’s blood that she received from the mother. If this happens you can gently clean the vaginal area.


If you wish to have your baby circumcised, it can be done more easily during the newborn period. If your baby is circumcised, the site where the foreskin was removed may be covered with an ointment or petroleum gauze. As the penis heals, a yellow colored gooey tissue called granulation tissue will form for about 7-10 days. This is normal. If you have any concerns about your boy’s penis particularly if there is excess bleeding at the circumcision site, please call us.

Instructions will be given on the care of the uncircumcised male at your office visits. It is best in this case to clean the outside of the foreskin. Retracting the foreskin in a newborn uncircumcised male is not necessary.