Spitting Up

Hey guys! I wanted to talk to you today about spitting up. Most all babies spit up, and occasional spit up is normal. We wish we had a quick fix for spitty babies, but the fact of the matter is that over time and as your baby grows, symptoms will improve.

Spitting up is typically caused by overfeeding or your baby ingesting air. Some simple tricks you can try at home are sitting your baby up after feedings as well as avoiding active play for 20 to 30 minutes. Frequent burping and burping after feeding is also important.

If you notice your baby is vomiting forcefully, is unable to gain weight or is losing weight, and is spinning up after most meals, give us a call so we can schedule a feeding concerns visit.

If your baby is regularly crying, spitting up, or vomiting during feeding, call us to speak with a nurse or schedule an appointment.