Sleep & Rest

You will notice that your baby sleeps most of the time in the early weeks, averaging about 16 to 20 hours daily. Your newborn will need to wake up every three to four hours to feed initially. The requirements for sleeping lessen with age being about 13 to 15 hours at one year. Infants up to six months of age should be placed on their back for sleep. Try to train the baby from birth to have the longest unbroken sleep at night. A consistent bedtime routine is crucial to reaching your goal of sleeping all night.

Some young babies sleep a stretch of time during the day and take only short naps at night. To turn this pattern around, wake the baby a bit earlier each day until the baby goes to bed for the night at a reasonable time.

It will be helpful for you to establish a clear distinction for your baby between daytime and nighttime. You can do this by keeping nighttime interactions brief, and as calm and quiet as possible. Your daytime pattern can be more stimulating and active for your baby.

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