Hey guys! So, you’re wondering if your baby’s bowel movements are normal. Well, bowel movements can vary from one baby to another. They vary in color, consistency, and frequency. Some babies that are breastfed normally have more of a yellow-green, mustard seed-type stool, whereas formula-fed babies generally have more of a pasty, light yellow colored stool.

Frequency of bowel movements can also vary from one baby to another. Some babies have a bowel movement with every feeding, whereas other babies only have one to two a week and that is totally normal.

Color of bowel movements is also something that varies from one child to another. A lot of it is determined by the food that they eat or what they’re drinking. If you notice your child having red, black, or white stools, or if your child starts straining to poop having hard pellet-like stools always give us a call and remember you can always call us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child.

Constipation is a concern if your baby or child has not had a bowel movement in 3 or more days, or has small, hard, pellet-like stools. Call our office with concerns.